Sten Mk2


Length: 2 ft. 6 ins.
Weight: 6 lbs. 10½ ozs.
Barrel: 7¾ ins.
Calibre: 9mm
Feed: 32 round box

The Sten was designed for cheap and easy production. You could produce approximately 15 Sten guns for the cost of one rifle. The Sten gun took 9mm Parabellum ammunition, the same ammunition as that used in German pistols and machine pistols. This made the Sten gun very versatile and it was issued to the regular armed forces, resistance and partisan units as well as the Home Guard.

Unfortunately due to the design and cheap manufacturing process, it was not very reliable. It was not very accurate, could carry on firing when you let go of the trigger and even go off when the trigger was not pulled (if dropped or it received some other form of shock or impact). It was often regarded as being just as dangerous to your own men as to the enemy.