Home Guard Special Weapons


The Home Guard had some weapons which were (in the main) unique to them. The design of some of these weapons makes them unique in their own right.
Some of these weapons were more dangerous to the operator than to the enemy, others would have been largely ineffective against the enemy. The Home Guard was glad of any weapons they could get - anything was better than nothing!

Some of the weapons were designed with the role of the Home Guard in mind, others were rejected by the establishment and found their way to the Home Guard.
One weapon which could be in the Special Weapons category is the Nº 74 ST Grenade (Sticky Bomb). This weapon proved to be so dangerous that, in the main, the regular forces refused it and so it was issued to the Home Guard instead! As this weapon was used by the regular forces and was not unique to the Home Guard, I have included this weapon in the Small Arms page along with other grenades that the Home Guard used.