(.303" Pattern '14)

P14 Rifle

Rifle Nº 3 Mk I*


Length: 3 ft. 10½ ins.
Length with bayonet: 5 ft. 3¼ ins.
Weight: 9 lbs. 6 ozs.
Weight with bayonet: 10 lbs. 7 ozs.
Barrel: 2 ft 2 ins., 5 grooves, l/h twist
Calibre: .303 in.
Operation: Bolt
Feed: magazine, 5 round integral box
Range of sights: 200 to 1,600 yds.
also battle sight set to 400 yds.

The P14 was designed before WWI and was undergoing trials for service with the British Army. It is a British design but uses a German Mauser style of bolt rather than the British Lee-Enfield one. It was originally designed in .276" calibre but this was changed to the standard .303".

During WWI, the British arms industry was already manufacturing the SMLE. It was impractical to manufacture the P14 in the UK as new machinery would be needed, so they were made under contract in America by 3 companies: Eddystone, Winchester and Remington.

To summarise, the P14 is a British design, based on a German action, manufactured in America! To see how this gets even more complicated, please see the history of the P17.