Picture & Video Library

As the quantity of photographs of the Home Guard is so extensive, this page
will concentrate on those photographs which highlight interesting features
or which help to dispel some of the myths of the Home Guard.

Home Guardsman with
Long Lee Enfield rifle, a pre-WWI
rifle and predecessor to the SMLE.

Home Guardsman with WWI vintage
French Berthier Model 1907/15
Infantry Rifles.

Home Guard on training exercise.
Interesting feature is the 'rope' which
is actually rifle slings joined together.
Rifle sling clips highlighted in photo.

Early photograph of the Home Guard.
Most still in civilian clothes.
Note that they all have SMLE's a
weapon that some people still think
the Home Guard never used.

Home Guard with an aircraft-variant
Lewis Gun. Note the homemade bipod
and the spent case bag.


P17 Rifle.
Note the 3 different locations of the red band. One rifle also has '300' stencilled on the butt.

Home Guard combat training.
Learning how to cross a gap.
This may not look too difficult
8 feet off the ground.


The training in the previous photograph
put into practice.

Bridge made from toggle ropes.